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EDSM, What are SolidWorks User Groups Like?

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Mail Call!

Dear Engineering Data Specialist Man, I have been wondering about attending a SolidWorks user group meeting. What are they like?

Peyton M, Indianapolis Indiana.

That is a good question Peyton, as a matter of fact I was in your town last night for a user group meeting. Here is how it went:

After we went around the room introducing ourselves, Mike and Jon Caliguri gave a presentation on Delcam. This was the first time I had seen their SolidWorks interface, and I liked it. The integration was great -it was hard to tell where SolidWorks ended and Delcam started. It looked easy to use and passed my PDM test. [For a CAM package to pass my PDM test, it must be possible to store CAM data without having to get write access to the part.] Delcam solves this issue by putting the part into a blank assembly and storing the CAM data in the assembly. As a second bonus to this method if you save that assembly in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, EPDM would see that the part is inside of that assembly, thus the two files would be automatically linked via the “Contains” and “Where Used” functions.


Next came Don Hope‘s favorite part of the meeting. Dinner. 1. The Teppanyaki Grill easily had the largest selection of any Chinese buffet I have seen, and the food was very good too. (I gave it five out five of bellies.)  2. The price was right because SolidWorks picked up the tab.

During dinner I tried out some of my new dinner jokes. Chris Snider said they were funny, but his body language seemed to say else-wise.


Much to the surprise of Lisa Van Giesen, I provided the second program. My topic was on DriveWorks. Since everyone in the room had access to DriveWorksXpress, I spent most of my time on it. However we did have enough time to discuss some of the features of Driveworks Solo and Professional.

After my presentation, there was a little time left for some tips and tricks. Three members brought up special CAD challenges they were having, and as a group we were able to come up with satisfying solutions for two of them.

Lastly, door prizes were passed out, a song was sung and we went home.


Jeff Sweeney

CSWE Engineering Data Specialist 3DVision Technologies

SolidWorks Louisville User Group Meeting – June 21st, 2011

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

2011-0601 SLUG Logo

The next SolidWorks Louisville User Group meeting – known locally as “the SLUG” – has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 21st, 2011.  It will be held at the University of Louisville Henry Vogt Engineering Center.  The meeting details are below.  If you are located in the Louisville area and have not attended a SLUG meeting, I only have one question – why not?

The topic for this meeting is “How do YOU use SolidWorks?”.  Members of the local SolidWorks Community – Scott Calvert of Design Network, Norman Boulard of Boulard Designs and Bryan Ray of  Samtec, Inc. – will be presenting some of their personal workflow and habits.  As we all know, each of us have our own way of doing things in SolidWorks.  Seeing how other individuals use SolidWorks is a great way to pick up on tips, shortcuts and learn new tools for driving SolidWorks and improving our designs.


Date:  Tuesday, June 21st, 2011.  6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location:  University of Louisville, Henry Vogt Engineering Center (corner of S. 3rd St. and Eastern Parkway)

Agenda (times are approximate):
6:30pm – Registration, eat & greet
7:00pm – Meeting introduction
7:15pm – “How do YOU use SolidWorks?” presentation
8:15pm – Q & A, Next meeting discussion & prize drawings

Please RSVP to Paul McCrorey (McCrorey Digital), SLUG President, so the group leaders can plan foodstuffs accordingly.

I look forward to seeing you at the SLUG meeting!

Bill Reuss

Elite Application Engineer CAE Technical Specialist 3DVision Technologies

Macro Anyone?

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Last week at the Cincinnati User Group Meeting, an engineer from Oystar North America said that he downloaded a cool macro that would create multiple Isometric views.  I was able to find a site that has this macro plus others that you may find interesting.  The site is Lorono’s SolidWorks Resources.

Always remember that when you are using a macro, be sure to test it out before using it in production.

Josh Spencer

Elite Application Engineer, CSWE 3DVision Technologies

SWUGN Calendar

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Are you like me and itchin’ to attend a SolidWorks user group meeting every night of the week? Here is a handy link to help you keep up with all the user groups world wide:

While there, I just happened to notice that the Miami Valley SolidWorks User group is meeting tonight. Not on February 29th as earlier posted. Apparently they won’t let you book rooms at Gander Mountain on the 29th on non-leap years?


Jeff Sweeney

CSWE Engineering Data Specialist 3DVision Technologies

Greater Cincinnati SolidWorks User Group Meeting Announced

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Miss SolidWorks World this year? Jeff Arthur has the cure for what ails ya. At the next Greater Cincinnati SolidWorks User Group meeting he will give you a run down on what you missed.

Dave Woodruff will also do a Simulation presentation…you know it will be a good one.

The meeting will be on the Ides of March, but unless you are an emperor, don’t let that stop you. Click on the link below to get the full pdf.

GCSWUG Meeting 03-15-2011

Jeff Sweeney

CSWE Engineering Data Specialist 3DVision Technologies

User groups are busy this time of year!

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

I love attending SolidWorks user group meetings. The meetings themselves are usually a great time to learn something from the presenter…even if the presentation is not on the types of things you normally do with SolidWorks. (It usually turns out that I learn the most from these.) After the presentation, if you are lucky, the host of the meeting will take you on a plant tour.

At the last Central Indiana SolidWorks user group meeting, the presenter was fabulous. However since I was the presenter, I didn’t learn as much as I usually do. (Great Aunt Eleanor always says if you want to learn something keep your mouth shut and your ears open. She also says druids get too many hit points in World of Warcraft.)

After the meeting we got to tour our host, Impact Forge’s plant. Freaking cool. I’ve been through die plants before. It is impressive to feel the floor and your heart shake as these multi-ton presses bang on their dies. However if the material they are hitting is nearly molten metal and this metal “splashes” off the dies at what must be over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit –your Engineering Data Specialist pretty much giggled with every impact.

Here are some thumbnail pics I took with my camera phone. I would have gotten closer, but frankly I was a bit intimated.

ScrapsSome scraps as the came off of the die, they were still glowing as they hit the floor.

WorkerHere a worker holds the piece as a 16 ton hammer makes an impact. You can see the glowing steel reflecting off of the graphite spray used to help the part release from the die. (Spray graphite…don’t wear your white pants here!)

SmallerHammerOne of the smaller hammers I saw. You can see the upper part of the die just over the further guy’s left shoulder.

What’s going on in a user group in your area?


Jeff Sweeney

CSWE Engineering Data Specialist 3DVision Technologies

SolidWorks user group meeting in Columbus

Monday, September 20th, 2010

A few weeks ago Peter Fischer emailed me and asked if I would like to present at an upcoming SolidWorks user group meeting in Columbus.

Kids, here is why it is important to pay attention in geography. Turns out there is more than one Columbus. I was thinking Columbus Ohio – a location I can get to in less than 45 minutes. Actually the meeting is in Columbus Indiana – a destination quite a bit further away.

No matter, I love going to user group meetings. This will be my first CISUG meeting and I am looking forward to meeting everyone there.

If you have not already done so, please register and bring a guest.

Date: Thursday September 23rd. 2010
Time: 4:30pm Registration and Networking. Meeting starts at 5:00pm

Meeting Agenda:

  • Location: Impact Forge Corporation. 2805 Norcross Drive, Columbus, IN 47201-4911
  • Guest Speaker: Matt Hendey, President, M.R. Hendey Consulting will talk about SoildWorks on alternative platforms.
  • Dinner: (Sponsored by SWUG Corporate)
  • Technical Presentation: Jeff Sweeney, 3D Vision will present Maximizing Enterprise PDM as a fully integrated management control system.
  • Tips & Tricks. Jeff Sweeney and all attendees. Bring your problems or solutions on a memory stick to share with others
  • Premium Door Prize Sponsored by: FBG Consulting
  • Door Prizes: 7:30pm “ish”.

I see Peter snuck the “Tips & Tricks” section in on me. I wasn’t expecting that! No matter, I’m good for a challenge. Most of these turn out to be a group effort anyway…and that is a big reason why I enjoy user group meetings.

Turns out there are twenty cities named Columbus in the United States. The guy takes a few rides in a boat that wasn’t even his and gets all of that?

Jeff Sweeney

CSWE Engineering Data Specialist 3DVision Technologies

NISWUG Announcement

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Have you ever been to a public library before?  They’re great aren’t they?  They’re a free supply of knowledge for everyone to use at his/her convenience.  Your libraries may even stock books on SolidWorks if your city is hip enough.  But even better than a library is a live SolidWorks User Group (SWUG) meeting.  Whether you want to become more efficient at work or you’d like to network with others facing the same challenges as you on a daily basis, SWUG’s are the place to do it.  Each state has multiple regional SWUG’s that host meetings at least once a quarter.  They host informative presentations, there’s free food, they’re scheduled during non-work hours, they’re a fun time, and there’s absolutely no reason not to attend them.  But don’t take my word for it…

If you’re interested, here’s a meeting that I’ll be attending and presenting at:

NISWUG (Northern Indiana)
Date: June 23rd
Time: 5pm-8pm
Lake Michigan College
Room #109
1905 Foundation Dr
Niles, MI
-Utilization of New 2009 Feature
-Intro to DWGEditor of SW Users
-Top Down Ass’y / In-Context
-Basic Design Table Usage

See you there!

3DVision Technologies

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