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Register for the October CISUG Meeting

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

3DVision invites you to register for the upcoming CISUG (Central Indiana SolidWorks User Group) Meeting being held Wednesday, October 24th. Registration and networking begins around 4:30pm with the meeting starting at 5:00pm.

The meeting will be held at:

Teppanyaki Grill
9701 East Washington St.
Indianaplois, IN 46229

Dinner will be included courtesy of SWUGN as well as door prizes. For more information or to attend and be a part of the food and networking please contact Peter Fischer at .

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SolidWorks Application Engineer Opening

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

3DVision Technologies is currently looking to fill an open Application Support Engineer position in Cincinnati, OH or Indianapolis, IN.

Description: 3DVision Application Support Engineers are experts in SolidWorks products providing comprehensive technical support, training, and implementation.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Manage technical support issues taken via phone, email, or web portal
  • Conduct training classes
  • Make on-site customer support visits

Minimum Required Skills and Experience:

  • Minimum Experience: 2 to 5 years 3D Mechanical Design, Manufacturing, or MCAD industry experience.
  • Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering or Equivalent

For more information download the ASE Job Posting

Scott High

Technical Services Manager 3DVision Technologies

New Machine? How To: Return Your DriveWorks License Key

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

It happens to everyone, you buy a brand new computer, then have to put all your programmes on to the new machine and make sure they’re all licensed to that new machine. At DriveWorks we want you to be able to get back into action using your DriveWorks Software on your new machine as quickly and easily as possible.

So… simply return your license from your OLD machine via the internet to our license server, and then whether that means you’re lucky enough to be getting a brand new machine or just reformatting and existing one, then the license is available for you to use again when you’re ready!

Here’s a simple guide to show you How To Return Your DriveWorks Solo License Key:

  • Go to the Windows Start Button
  • Click through All Programs > DriveWorks Solo > DriveWorks Solo License Manager
  • Click Return License
  • Click Finish on the License Management wizard once it is complete

And to return your DriveWorks Pro License Key:

  • Go to the Windows Start Button
  • Click through All programs > DriveWorks (program group)
  • Select the license that is to be returned and click View
  • Click Return License
  • Click Finish on the License management Wizard once it is complete

Then just do all your changes to your machine and activate the same code again which you can access through the DriveWorks Solo/DriveWorks Pro websites. Then you are back in action!
The key thing with this is making sure you return the license BEFORE you make the changes to your machine, or BEFORE you need to activate it on your new machine!
This procedure is really quick and easy, but if you do come across any difficulties, then just send an email DriveWorks Licensing:

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DriveWorks Pro Integration with EPDM

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Many companies that need to create contract or customer specific designs will find that they generate quite a lot of valuable data and documents for each job. For that reason DriveWorks Pro, our Design Automation / Sales Configurator Solution makes it easy to manage this data by including out of the box integration to SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.

DriveWorks Pro can be set up to automatically integrate with SolidWorks and SolidWorks Enterprise PDM to securely store all documents created by DriveWorks in the design process

An example of how it works:

  • Say you configure a cupboard in a browser, using DriveWorks Pro Live. You fill out the form including quote number, customer name, materials, dimensions etc…
  • When your design is complete and you click ‘Release’, DriveWorks Pro Autopilot starts working in the background to generate the new files.
  • As DriveWorks Pro Autopilot creates all the files, these are sent into the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault.
  • When this is complete, you can open up the location where DriveWorks has saved the files: you can see the drawings, models, parts assemblies have all been automatically been checked in to the EPDM vault.
  • When you configure your design on the web and click go, everything in the background has been created and checked in. It’s really easy to set up, via the settings screens in DriveWorks Pro. Just enter: Vault Name, User Name and Password, etc – and then DriveWorks takes care of the rest.

To see all of this in action, check out the EPDM Integration video on the DriveWorks Pro website.

DriveWorks Pro Integration with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

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DriveWorks 9 Update

Friday, September 14th, 2012

I’ve always felt major releases of software were like holidays.

A service pack release is like a good weekend.

DriveWorks 9 service pack two was just released. Jump over to the DriveWorks site and check out the release notes. Looks like some nice database connectivity enhancements.

Jeff Sweeney

CSWE Engineering Data Specialist 3DVision Technologies

Interview with CADSharp

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

I don’t accept as many interview requests as I used to, but when Keith Rice from CADSharp contacted my publicist about doing an interview with him, I quickly sent my driver to deliver him to the ranch so we could meet. (I find the interview room much nicer in the ranch than over in the main estate.)

Keith and I used to work together when he was here at 3DVision. Since we share many common interests we quickly became friends, thus I was sad when just over a year ago Keith left and started CADSharp. None of us heard much from him as he holed himself in his lab building the web site -until this February at SolidWorks World when the site was released.

I really like the way the site is set up, he has videos to help you learn the basics of SolidWorks API programming and a very big library of well documented macro examples. A programmer never writes anything from scratch, so it is easy to pull macros straight from CADSharp into your projects.

I hope you enjoy reading the interview:

Jeff Sweeney

CSWE Engineering Data Specialist 3DVision Technologies

My work is in an art gallery

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Remember my 3D Koch Snowflake post? Jenaro de Rosenzweig Dyckhoff just posted an interesting rendering of it. You can see the art gallery here:

So “HA” to all of my art teachers back in school who told me that I had no artistic talent!

Jeff Sweeney

Jeff Sweeney
CSWE, Engineering Data Specialist
3DVision Technologies

Jeff Sweeney

CSWE Engineering Data Specialist 3DVision Technologies

Customize Your Command Manager Icons in SolidWorks

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make your day. Thanks to a co-worker, I recently discovered that you can customize the look of the icons in your Command Manager ribbons. So I thought I’d document it for the world to enjoy.

You may have gone to Tools > Customize to bring up the Customize interface, where you can customize your Toolbars, Commands, Menus, and Keyboard & Mouse Gesture shortcuts. But did you know that while this dialog is open you can right-click on a Command Manager ribbon and modify the appearance of individual icons? You can show/hide text, position the text below or to the side of an icon and begin or delete a group. (those vertical bars between groups of icons)

Look out sliced bread here I come.

Chris Snider

Application Engineer, CSWE 3DVision Technologies

DriveWorks and SolidWorks Equations

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

DriveWorks doesn’t care if you drive your dimensions with SolidWorks equations or if you drive them through the DriveWorks rules. I’ve seen several successful DriveWorks projects that use both DriveWorks AND SolidWorks equations, yet oftentimes during my public autograph sessions people will ask me if I have a preference.

I do. (Otherwise this blog entry would be rather boring.)

Though there are exceptions to every rule, I usually recommend not using SolidWorks equations within a DriveWorks project.  If you have SolidWorks equations, you are storing your design intent in two separate locations – the SolidWorks equations and within the rules of DriveWorks. This can make debugging difficult. If everything is driven by the DriveWorks rules, you can make changes to your inputs and easily watch all of the dimension values update through the DriveWorks project designer.

Jeff Sweeney

CSWE Engineering Data Specialist 3DVision Technologies

SolidWorks Launches eDrawings Pro for iPad

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

3DVision Technologies is thrilled to announce that on August 31, SolidWorks launched eDrawings Pro for iPad.

You may recall that earlier this year SolidWorks launched eDrawings for Ipad. But some of you have been asking SolidWorks to expand the feature set, and include some of the capabilities found in the desktop version of eDrawings Professional.

Some of the new capabilities include dynamic cross section views, measurements, markups and annotations, and the unique ability to share it all by email.

With a brand new intuitive user interface and improved performance, eDrawings® Pro for iPad enables you to dynamically view cross sections of your models in XY, YZ, or ZX directions from both sides and easily drag the cross section plane on screen or with a convenient slider. You can also measure distances in your designs, with easy-to-use selection filters for faces, edges, vertices, and holes.

eDrawings Pro

With eDrawings® Pro for iPad you can create markups on your drawings, including text notes, freehand notations, dimensions, cross-section views, photos, and camera snapshots. You can share your marked up eDrawings files with others for review and further comments. All markups with history are saved within the eDrawings file.


  • New intuitive and easy-to-use user interface
  • Significant performance improvements for opening, viewing, and interacting with all types of models
  • Open 3D (EASM, EPRT, SLDASM, SLDPRT), 2D (EDRW, SLDDRW, DWG, DXF), and associated files from any source: email attachments, cloud storage services (Dropbox™, Google Drive™, SkyDrive®, YouSendIt®, and others), email, web and FTP sites, networks, and iTunes® File Sharing
  • Zoom, pan, and rotate your 3D and 2D CAD data using multi-touch
  • Browse your assembly components tree, model configurations and drawing sheets
  • Hide, show, or make components transparent
  • Select View mode: standard orthogonal views, shaded with edges, perspective view
  • Play animated 3D standard views as well as 2D drawing views
  • View your designs in full screen and double tap to fit it on screen
  • Double tap zooms to drawing views
  • Markup your designs and send to others, and read others’ markups
  • Measure your design data
  • View cross sections of your 3D designs
  • Sample files included

eDrawings Pro is available now for download on the Apple App Store. Regular price is $9.99, but it will only be $4.99 for the next 30 days. Download it today.

eDrawings Pro
eDrawings Pro
eDrawings Pro

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