DriveWorks Solo comes out in October (or sooner?)

September 8th, 2009

Today DriveWorks fans have two choices: DriveWorksXpress and DriveWorks.

DriveWorksXpress is a nice little application…does a lot of things and even is a viable tool for some people….but let’s face it the interface is a bit old school and it typically doesn’t take long for you to wish you had more features.

DriveWorks is the big daddy. If you dream it, you probably can do it. Web interface, connections to databases, the ability to generate file types beyond SolidWorks, pretty dialog boxes, …the list goes on and on.

Until DriveWorks Solo comes out, you have your choice. Hot or cold. DriveWorks Solo comes in just between the two. I saw my first demo of it today, I think it will hit a nice sweet spot for many. I am hoping to get my copy early next week so expect a more in depth review soon! (I could give you more now, but the men in suits forbid it.)

How’s that for a teaser??

Jeff Sweeney

CSWE Engineering Data Specialist 3DVision Technologies

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2 Responses to “DriveWorks Solo comes out in October (or sooner?)”

  1. Vicky says:

    What about the women in skirts?

  2. Jeff Sweeney says:

    Good point Vicky. It was probably the women in skirts who told the men in suits to put the gag on me.

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